Your neighborhood yoga class will focus on proper alignment, principles of movement and breathing techniques. My studio is designed for Individual instruction to help each student gain physical confidence, develop ease and to feel great.

NEW: Public Class at Mountain Yoga, Oakland | Monday 9:30am |www.m-yoga.org 


My students + studios are the best, and offer up their words:

You are so loved at the studio - I am so grateful that you are able to fill in for our teachers with your thoughtful and well sequenced classes when needed. -Kim Lally Yoga Studio Owner | Oakland

Thank you again for a gorgeous class. I felt so light! My elbow balance never felt as light as it did today. Magic! I loved the anatomy visual before the poses & I really resonate with your teaching style. What a gift. -Sandra

"Since taking Lynn's class I have seen measurable improvement in my health.  Lynn is extremely knowledgeable about yoga, and her natural and gentle way is inspiring. To me she embodies what yoga is about."  -Kathy


"Lynn is an amazing Yoga instructor, and believe me, I've taken lots of classes over many decades. Her studio is small—just four students in a class, so she's able to give personalized attention and pose adjustments to everyone throughout the 90 minute session.  Her knowledge of anatomy enables her to adjust poses to accommodate any injury or weakness. Of the four students in our class, every one of us has some sort of an injury or weak point and she's quick to deliver an extra prop or suggest an alternative position where needed. Her voice is soothing. Yoga with Lynn is the best way to start or end a day."  -Robbie


"I have enjoyed my yoga classes with Lynn as it helps with physical flexibility and also is mentally helpful to stay in the moment. Lynn is great at paying individual attention to each person in the class and its great to have only a maximin of four people in her class."  -Dick


“I was always leery of yoga as a wholistic exercise practice until I experienced classes with Lynn. Her instruction addresses all muscle groups as well as nurturing mind and spirit. Within just a few weeks I felt far stronger, more flexible, and relaxed.”  -Alison


"Lynn is a gifted and unique yoga teacher.  Having been a student of yoga many years ago, Lynn made it easy for me to re-enter the practice inspite of the fact that a serious accident has taken a toll on my body.  Teachers are great when they have a deep love and knowledge for what they offer and inspire students to reconnect with both the physical and spiritual aspect of who they really are along with the power to heal."  -Shakti


"Lynn is a wonderful yoga instructor. She has remarkable physical skills and expertise, a gift for teaching, a genuine interest in and attunement to her students, a whimsical sense of humor, and an obvious respect for the spirituality inherent in yoga. She gently challenges her students, while providing sensitive instruction and guidance. While she has a very clear agenda in each of her classes, she also remains attuned and responsive to the rhythms and questions of her students. I always enjoy her classes, and I'm pleased to have experienced greater flexibility, balance and strength via practicing yoga under her instruction."  -Jeff